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how do you study? i do fairly well on most of my nursing tests but i never quite figured out the proper way to study. i get easily distracted and bored and i ALWAYS end up procrastinating until the weekend before the test. i dont know how to go about it a different way because it's not enjoyable to me (i mean, who thinks studying really is, though? lol) but still, isnt there a better or at least slightly more enjoyable way to study than just to read and reread my notes?

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Read with other people.

If it's just memorization, e.g. anatomy, I like - Create Play Online Games. They let you make matching/labelling games or you can use games that other people have already created. For example:

Label the Heart

I also like getting other perspectives on the same material. Itunes has ItunesUniversity which allows you access to audio and some video lectures from Universities across the world. I listen to them in the car or when I walk the dog. UCBerkeley also posts all of their lectures at:

webcast.berkeley | UC Berkeley Video and Podcasts for Courses Events

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