How long will it take to get temp rn license from illinois

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Please help

I filled out for endorsement for Illinois april 7, 2014. I sent in temp app and main app. by the end of the week I sent in fingerprint info and school transcripts. I had my license verified online through nursys online site, the site said they send the info directly to Illinois. after two weeks I called in to verify if they had received the info. it is still not in the system yet. This is driving me insane. They told me two weeks for temp. now they saying another two weeks. someone else said ten days from mailroom to processing, then another two weeks. Depending on who answers and I tell them I get different info.

Has anyone else had this problem? How long did it take to get temp?

I just posted about this as well. I sent mine out the same day, and still haven't heard anything either. I sent it usps priority mail, so I know it got to their po box on that Wednesday. Let me know if you hear anything! & I will let you know as well!

I will let you know. I plan to call monday to check status again.

Any update? I'm going to try to call tomorrow.

Nothing. I have called. It do not make sense. Next week will be a month. My position start may 12 and i have to have my temp. Im worried.

They cashed my check today. Im happy...


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I got my permanent Illinois license in a month. That was in March.

Was that with mailing time time or are you counting after they cashed your check?

I just called and my license is now active. Let me know if you tlk to them.

It took 3weeks for the permanant.

My check was cashed today, so I'm assuming mine will be active soon!

Check the illinois site and see if its active yet.

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