How long till I get the call?


Hi everyone's the story.

I met up with my friends relative who happens to be the director at the hospital I'm trying to apply for. I handed her my resume, my anecdotals, recommendation letter, grades and etc to hand in to the DON of the floor I'm trying to apply for. It's a student nursing job in the ICU and this position would be a DREAM!! She has me as a personal contact and was willing to do this for me since she knew all of the managers. Well she handed in the papers to him. Three hours later I get a call from her asking what times am I available to work...I was so excited :D. While shes doing this he's consulting with her and I can actually hear him asking her some questions to tell me. Well she told me she would call me back. She texts me his buisness card information and tells me to text him whenever I can because he wants to meet with me. I was so excited my hands were this could potentially be my first job ever!

Well, per her request I text him but hear no response. I text the relative the next day about another best way to contact him and she said try emailing him. I emailed him and still no response :( has been two-three days since I emailed him and I'm just wondering what happened ?? Did I do something wrong ? Is he not interested anymore? It's a PRN position and I told them I couldn't do one specific day because I have clinicals however I was willing to work every day given whatever hours. My friends say he sounds really interested and that they tend to be busy so just wait one to two weeks. What if he doesn't respond ...should I keep it moving or should I try again? I don't want to be annoying. It's weird because he seemed interested .. Am I being impatient ? ...please help clear my mind 😣.


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It's only been a few days. I'd wait a week then call the relative (don't text). I'm sure the DON is very busy. Plus while this is a major priotity for you, it is probably something further down on the DON's list. You'll be fine! Good luck :cat: