How long did it take you?


Ok folks, Im getting serious now and want to start planning my semesters out. Im going to take two online classes this semester and figured I can be done with pre-req's by Jan.2011. My question to any and all.... how long from start to finish did it take you to complete all of your pre-req's? Now, I may have a change of heart and go ahead with the LPN if I get into Gateway, but I am working fulltime now and want to atleast be on the road to gettin' this all done. I'd Love feedback from Y'all......



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Well I think everyone's situation is different, also, as of now alot of the "pre-reqs" are now "co-reqs" which mean you can take them after you've applied and are waiting to get into the program or while you're in the program.

For me personally, I changed my major from social work to nursing. I had Microbiology, Chem, Anatomy 1 and 2 to take in order to be done with my pre-reqs and apply to the program.

It took me 3 semesters.

Chem and Micro- 1st semester

Anatomy I -2nd semester

and Anatomy II -3rd Semester (at the time you couldn't take 1 and 2 together, now you can)


If you're anything like me, I would suggest taking Anatomy IN PERSON, I tried to take my first semester of Anatomy on line at Rio and totally bombed my final exam, and it set me back a semester.

If you still have English 101 and 102, and Math and Psych to take I'd say realistically to do well and work at the same time it would take you 3-4 semesters.

BUT I'm not sure what are co-reqs now (I would still try to finish those before you start nursing school though, to take some of the load off)



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If it makes you or anyone else feel better, I started my journey 10 years ago (right out of high school) and will be doing Banner's NFP this March. But I stopped and started a few times and got my Massage Diploma. Everyone's journey is unique. For me, Nursing has been a calling on my life for a long time, something that I couldn't shake, a deep root calling on my life. Life gets in the way, but if you pursue it with your heart, then you will make in time.



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BTW... I started this in Oct 07 and am still taking a few but I have all my co-reqs almost done as well. I have Algebra 122, Chem 130 and Micro Left for GenEd. I will start Algebra in April, and Chm in May right after Block 1 ends. Then I can roll into Block 3 maybe next January? I took 2 to 3 classes a semester straight through with not longer than 1 week between classes.



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3 semesters for 30 and something credits. I was also working full time.

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