How long does it take to receive the new renewal CNA certificate

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My CNA certificate is about to expire in a few days, so I want to know after I send in the application to re-new it how long does it take to receive a new one. By the way I live in CA if that matter.

Can someone also let me know do I have to fill out and send in the form that's part of the renewal application that tell us to write down the in-services training/courses? Is it ok to skip that part and only provide to them if they requested later?

Is it true that we can not work while our CNA is expired? I know it's expired but it's still active so why not? I don't understand can you explain to me.

This is the first time I re-new my certificate so I'm not sure. My supervisor told me that I can not come to work until I bring in my new certificate. I didn't re-new mine yet b/c I thought I don't have to send in the application right away until my certificate expired, which is expired in 4 days. And I thought we can work while the the newal period. Did this ever happened to you or you know it happened to anyone at work before that they have to stay home until they have a new CNA certificate?

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Really depends on the state. For example, in Louisiana, the facility handles all that. There are no paper certificates and everything is online. If you work, you are automatically renewed. Unless you work for agency, then you got to send in paycheck stubs. Mississippi, though is a whole different beast. They subcontract out through a company called Promissor and I have had to wait months to get the sheet of paper after mailing in a paycheck stub and other info.

Hi there,

I'm in the same boat I live in California, as for how long it takes, from what I heard depending on when you sent it, it may take up to 90 business days. However, there is a faster way.

Where I work, my employers are able to fax the renewal forms straight to the Public Health, which only takes 5 business days. BIG DIFFERENCE! And yes they will take you off of the schedule if you haven't already renew it before 5 days of your birthday. And if you already sent the application through the mail not to worry, visit The website has the forms, you just need to print it, and fill it out with your informations. So if I were you, go talk to your employers.

As for as why we have to renew our certificate every two years...if you work in a nursing facility, the state requires only CERTIFIED NURSE ASSISTANT with total of 48 hours of in-service to work with the elders as vs a companion, they do not need a certificate. Hopefully I answer some of your questions. Take care.


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