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How long did it take to post your license after nclex


Anyone recently can answer this? Im waiting for results and trying to decide if I should pay for the 48 hour quick results or not...any advice or help appreciated...I got the hold message for the PVT so that's out :(


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Make sure you have everything else in to the DOH. Official transcripts, paid application and by the time you get your results it should be sent through. A buddy of mine who just graduated with me June 14, has taken his NCLEX, passed it and has his license active already.

I finished the test by about 915 and was official by noon the same day. Washington is pretty fast in posting your results if everything is in order (transcripts and applications). Most of my class knew by the next day if not by the same day. And if you've tried the pvt trick, that is a reassuring sign. The only people that needed to pay for the 48hr results were for the people who took the test before our official transcripts were posted, or people who had other issues that needed to be resolved prior to becoming active (they sent transcripts that didn't have degree on them or background check)

as far as results go, I think wa should typically have it posted before you are even eligible to pay for there rapid results.

waiting is the hardest part! Treat yourself well during this time and check on the doh website!

Gosh, I finally called them after I noticed I got the good pop up thinking they would update now that the hold was taken off...but she said they were super slammed for the 3 day weekend and it was super busy...she said it prob won't be until beginning of next week. Dang :-( got the good pop up so I'm happy!

Congrats on getting the "good" pop-up! Definitely a reassuring sign. I also think I took it during a potentially slower time (April 2) so it was a lot faster, right now there is probably an influx in grads from June!

Enjoy your weekend ;) you'll be active before you know it and the next step in the fun of being licensed begins!!

Thank you! So did you get a job yet, have any interviews or know where you want to work? Still says pending and I'm very confident I passed but don't want to tell the world until I know for sure. :-)

Thanks for the info!

Heh, I completely understand! I had a small select group of people who knew my test date and I refused to tell anyone else until I knew for sure that I passed (our class had some doh stalker a, though I was probably the worst offender checking up on people - I informed 2 people before they checked themselves to see that they had passed)

I hit the ground hard after passing, I also had 6.5 yrs experience as an LPN that I thought would make it easier - not so much in this job market. I ended up with 6 interviews, I think, which is great to get to that point, but discouraging at the same time to get that far and not have it work out when they would always determine they wanted that experience with a bsn preference :(

i lucked out and will be starting a residency in august though! So it all came together. Took a lot of patience. There would be lots of lulls followed with a week of lots of responses. It's a definite roller coaster ride that I'm thankful to be off of.

I'm excited about this residency and I think I had a good chance at another clinic position that I left the interview feeling confident about. It's nice to feel wanted ;)

I'm sure you passed it, and the pvt is helpful - I screen capped that a few times and would recheck it to make sure it didn't change ;)

Waiting is the hardest part. Waiting for the results to become active. Waiting to hear back on applications...

do you have an idea of where you'd like to apply or areas you're interested in? Have you started? Do you have a bsn or ADN? The fun is just beginning ;) good luck with everything!!!