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How long does it take to get GN permit once everything is in?


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How long does it take once I send in my application, fingerprints and affadavit from my school, especially if I'm already registered for Pearson?

I'm coming from NJ and already have a job lined up..and orientation is like 5 days after graduation! I graduate June 15th (but my last course -- my Leadership course ends on June 9th). If I already did the online application...already sent in my fingerprints...already registerd for NCLEX...and send the affadavit down express to get there on Friday or the next Monday (June 13th)...can anyone guesstimate how long it would take for me to get my GN permit?

I am already starting 2 weeks later after the other new hirees..I don't want to start a whole month later!:crying2:

I was told that the turn around can be from anywhere from 7-14 days after you graduate. Depending on how long it takes the BON to process it all. Luckily for you since you do graduate later then most Texas grads maybe yours will be quicker then most of ours since those graduating this weekend and next will be all processed around the same time.


Specializes in CTICU/CVICU. Has 4 years experience.

I'm hoping so!! Thank! :)