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How long on nights in L&D/ PP

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I am dying to know how long L&D and Postpartum nurses have to work on nights before given the option of switching to days?

It took me a year in PCU, 2 years in ICU.

To be clear once I talk to the manager of L&D/PP I will express my desire to work days and willingness to cross train. Not sure if I can get in on one specialty sooner on days then cross train maybe even transfer later with more years in department directly to days possibly.

I have such a passion for both L&D and Postpartum and the inevitable switch to nights is really holding me back from transferring. I listen and read this topic everyday nearly for the last 2.5 years. I sincerely believe that the transfer will lead me to become either a Midwife or IBCLC.

I have a 8.5 mo old who still wakes up twice to eat in the night and my husband can't manage it (he's great in other ways but just can't handle the wake ups) so I also am patiently waiting till we can fully night wean before making the switch. Also planning on another baby in future in next 2ish years so I'm very frightening to be on nights when the next baby is born...

I live in decent sized city with multiple hospitals. However would if able stay at current hospital where I have been within their system for about 6 years. As far as I know it only counts in local hospitals years spent on that department as far as seniority for going to days.

Thank you in advance for responses!!

Depends on your hospital. The one I work at PRN is a small community hospital that hires nightshift only, and the least experienced person in L&D on nights has 5 years with the unit(there are nurses with between 10-38 years with the unit on days-as you can imagine, the nurses generally die or retire before they leave L&D haha!)

Of the other 3 hospitals in the area, one requires nightshift at start but is relatively quick to get dayshift, and the others will hire on days. Speak with the manager of the unit you are looking to work in, and ask politely how long it typically takes to get dayshift/if they hire for dayshift. Good luck!

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Anywhere from immediately to 5+ years.

In other words, it's completely dependent on the individual facility, not something we would be able to answer here.

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Yes very individalized! My unit hires new grads and lots start and stay on days 😕