How long should New Grads wait


How long should a new Grad wait before they get a job offer? Months? Weeks? YEARS??

How long is too long? or should one Never Give Up?

Double-Helix, BSN, RN

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I'm not sure what you mean by asking how long you should wait. The obvious answer is that you should wait as long as it takes. In this market, it's not uncommon for new grads to wait up to a year or more before getting an offer, depending on where you live. It's important to ber persistant, apply to lots of different facilities and areas, make sure you have a great resume, and look for ways to make yourself more marketable.

Since you worked so hard to get your license, you shouldn't give up. But while you wait for a job offer, you may need to take another job to pay the bills.

Leonardo Del Toro, RN

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There are way more difficult things in life than to find a job as an RN. Right now the overwhelming pressures are not to be tempered with, it is way beyond your control. The best in theory would be maybe to go away from the RN job market and come back when things get better. The problem is that if you do you risk not being around when the opportunity comes your way. So for now the best is to stay connected, unattached, unemotional. Keep positive, keep applying and visiting hospitals, talking to people, volunteering...being nice to other people and remembering that you got yourself in this profession because you care about others.