How long is it for a new ATT to be issued for retakers for internationally educated nurses

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I'm an internationally educated nurse from the Philippines and I already took the NCLEX last May 2018 here in California and didn't pass. after finding out I didn't pass I submitted the re examination application and check in May. its August now and I haven't receive any mail or email for my ATT, my check has already been cashed. I received a mail saying they received my payment for the processing of my retake and to send an application. i checked online to see my application and it says I already submitted the same application. and the processing time is already for the month of June....

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Did you pay Pearson for another exam? In CA you pay the BRN for a retake (looks like $250) and Pearson another $200 per exam

so each retake is $250 plus application to BRN plus $200 plus registration online at Pearson. ($450)

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Yes I did, both checks were cashed already. I contacted Pearson about it and they said I should ask the Board about it. Tried calling the BON but I can't get through saying they are receiving high numbers of call. Emailed them and still no reply... :(

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Has it been 90 days yet? If not that could be the issue. The BoN website says minimum 90 days between attempts

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