How long does Neurontin take to work?


Anyone? I started this today for pain control, etc. Thanks!


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According to Davis' Drug guide onset is rapid, peak is 2-4 hours and duration is 8 hours. Since it is an adjunct for neuro pain mgmt you may need to take it around the clock (ATC) for a while to get effective pain control. Make sure you continue to take your other analgesics with the neurontin, and let your prescriber know how effective it is for you.

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I have been taking Neurontin since January for pain associated with bulging lumbar discs. I gradually ramped up to 300 mg 3x a day and noticed defiinite side effects of confusion and inability to concentrate. My doctor left me at that dosage for a month, with no improvement, so he started to wean me from it. The first day I dropped a pill, I noticed an significant increase in the leg pain, numbness and tingling. What I thought wasn't working for my pain most certainly was. I bit the bullet and had him ramp up the dose to 600 mg 3 x day. The side effects disappeared with the larger dose, and I have little to no leg pain.

Some people take much larger doses than I do. It was hard to tell how it was working with the other meds I was taking as well as the progress of physical therapy. It did, however, work. I do have narcotics of breakthrough pain but do not need them much. HTH

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