How long should I study for each class? Can you guys please help me organize a schedule?


Hello, I'm on my second semester of LPN school and I have quite a bit of classes that im taking on and im finding it a little difficult to keep up with it all while trying to actually retain the information im learning. here are my classes that we've actually started to get into the material: GI, fundamentals of Nursing 2, Pharm 2 and Nutrition. I wont be starting GU, and Integumentary until about 2 weeks from now due to the amount low amount of hours we will spend with those classes. How do I organize all of this while still staying sharp for clinicals and clinical prep and refreshing anything I may need refreshing on from the first semester? Thanks for reading!

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General rule of thumb is 2-3 hours outside the classroom per week for everybody credit hour. For example, my nursing class is 8 credit hours so I schedule about 16-24 hours dedicated to preparing for lecturing and reviewing material.


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I kept a planner before starting nursing school, but I write EVERY. SINGLE. THING. down. I took my syllabus and assignment list for each class and wrote down every assignment and important date for the entire semester. Every Saturday/Sunday night, I take a look at what I have to do for the upcoming week and make reminders. I use a different color highlighter (Ex: blue for Patho, green for Fundamentals, orange for Assessment, etc.) to cross off/highlight stuff in my planner when I get it done, and I try to work ahead if possible.