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I'm currently in the process of obtaining my cetification in PA. Right now, there are only 2 full time CSN jobs in school districts near me both positions have been listed since before the end of the previous school year. I went out on a limb and I'm submitting applications for both jobs a while so I have applications on file and I'm hoping maybe at least 1 of them will still be available when I complete my certification in the spring or maybe there will be other districts hiring. I live in a rural area but am close enough to several school districts. I knew getting this certification will only be beneficial if there is a job available to obtain so my fear is it will take me a long time to obtain a full time position as a school nurse.

So I'm wondering. How long did it take you to obtain a full time school nurse position in a state that requires certification?

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I'm in PA as well. I finished my CSN in the spring time, was hired for the following school year. My work experience was very relevant and holds strong on paper and interviews related to certified school nursing. in my area I also know CSNs who have had certs for years with no luck getting in.

It took me 2 years. I probably could have gotten a job sooner if I was willing to travel or go to a less desirable district. Was was working as an aide ( RN was required) and I just hung on till something local came open. That usually happens when someone retires. ;)

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