How Long Does It Take To Get An Interview?



I am an experienced nurse looking into changing specialties. I have applied to multiple ICU positions one month ago and have not received a call back. I am starting to get nervous, how long did it take for you to get offered an interview after applying for a position?

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About one week, sometimes two weeks. I would keep doing what you're doing.

You have waaay more experience than I do so some of this you probably already know but this is my understanding of how it works.

First of all it really depends on the unit's need; if they need someone immediately they'll communicate that with the recruiter and it would probably be within a week or a 10 days you'd hear something.

A second aspect possibly holding it up could be head hunters/recruiters that you're dealing with. Some are notorious for taking their time to respond to you, others are hungry for business and may even call you at 8:00 PM on a Saturday night and may even text you.

And then finally the last hurdle is the most tedious of them all: the recruiter gives your resume/file TO the hiring manager who has to look it over, decide if you have potential and, if they like you, will call the recruiter BACK to have them set up an interview.

Anyhow the thing to remember with all this is it can take time but don't count yourself down and out. I read an article on Glass Door recently (if I could find it I'd post it here) that said the average time from applying to an interview in this economy takes 23 days.

As anxious as it may be waiting, remember you're still in the race.

- from a nurse who's been unemployed for seven months and knows this process unfortunately too well