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How i landed a new grad position


Well considering the job shortage for new grads, I was able to land an interview at John Hopkins in MD and Cooper in Camden NJ. I got job offers for both but decided to go with Cooper in their Critical Care Unit for new grads. I graduatedin Dec 09 but now I just have to pass my boards. LISTEN GUYS, THERE ARE JOBS OUT THERE. I started my job search in October, two months before graduation. I think what helped me the most was an impeccable resume PLUS cover letter. Do not try to skimp on the COVER LETTER because you may be passed over due to it. I specialize in writing resumes on the side so I knew just how to format and what to put in it. THANK GOD. I was told by some that my resume looked professionally done. Next, register with a site like Indeed.com or careerbuilder and have an alert emails sent to you every day that SPECIFY new grads positions. I'm tellin ya I got about 5-10 a day. Also, if it states experience required DO NOT APPLY, if it states experience preferred then DO APPLY. Some jobs sent to me were 10 miles and no more than 30 miles away from me but they were NEW GRAD positions. Remember a beautifully written cover letter and resume gets you noticed and in the door, start with that first. GOOD LUCK to all and reme,ber tghere are jobs you just have to be unique in your approach and slither through the cracks. Oh by the way, the position at Cooper was not even posted on their website but I took initiative to call their HR and ask. They told me no not right now maybe later and 1 mos later they called me for an interview. I am truly blessed. Be patient.