How to know if you will Like being an MDS coordinator?

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I realize that this is a broad hard to define question but any thoughts?

Currently I'm a ADON with responsibilites for CNA hiring firing, infection control, every other week being on call and dealing with the many behavioral problems we have with our LTC residents. I never really quite feel in control even though I have done this for quite some time. There always seems to be a complaint or problem that is not solved at the end of the day. Being responsible for the 40 CNA's is difficult as I take the grievances residents have with them personally.

Those of who have been a DON/ADON before MDS, do you feel like you have more control over your job? I'm sure there are stresses but in our particular building you are not a supervisor over anyone and you answer to the Administrator. Our current MDS Coordinator who was a DON for many years stated that "There are problems with MDS but no wildfires." She took a large pay cut to become a MDS Coordinator but she really enjoys it.

Sorry for the ramble


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IMO It's my dream job! Still in long term care, but off the floor! An office to shut the door, yet still interacting (interviewing) the residents. I'm an MDS assistant but I'll learn all the ropes, which all my years of being on the floor are a big benefit! I just started this new job 5 days ago and state came in, but I go to sleep at night not stressed. So much better for me, it's a blessing! I hope you like it as much as I do!


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The 'most ungodly' part of your job as ADON is the governmental requirement of 'infection control', but let's not forget to mention the human aspect- the constant issues with CNAs, who are underpaid, treatly badly, oftentimes abused, constantly leaving and coming, and come from abusive situations: The main difference, is that your stress from ADON will change from human, to paper form, as MDS Coordinator. There are far fewer variables with paper, than with humans. But there are also regulatory concerns, and financial pressures on you. Also- your personal nursing license is far less at risk as MDS Coordinator, than if you were to miss a simple complaint issue given to you as ADON. Also- from my experience? Even an LPN MDS Coordinator made more $ than an RN, ADON. I've worked in 3 states. (But a DON will take a 50% cut to do MDS, yes). But take an MDS job that clarifies no floor shifts, else you'll be sorry!

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