How do you know if you're ready?



So I'm retaking the NCLEX for the second time very soon. Study tools that I used this time was some content from Saunders NCLEX (huge purple book) I was going chapter to chapter in July and stopped once I finished fundamentals, since then I just go in there if I need a refresher on a procedure or concept. Kaplan QBANK in it's entirety (scores were in the high 50's to mid 60's, my friend has full access to Kaplan so I was able to take the readiness exam (scored a 60% which according to the chart means I have a 92.8% chance of passing the NCLEX), and currently trying to get through UWORLD. I just started UWORLD this past Saturday after I took the readiness test, so I have about 1,600 questions left to do to complete it.

What did you guys who passed on the 1st try or especially the 2nd try do a week prior to testing? Any advice would be appreciated :) Just trying to calm my nerves and go into this exam ready to pass and move on with life after nursing school.

Thank you!