How is the job market for RNs in Vegas?

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Hello all. I'm a hospice nurse in Southern California who is seriously considering moving to Vegas. I've only been an RN for 2 years (hospice only experience). One of the companies I work for has a branch in Vegas but I am also looking for other options. Are there lots of hospice companies there? Are there opening for RNs that are NOT hospice? It is extremely hot there and driving around is not my ideal job.

My husband works for the VA hospital (non-nursing)in Long Beach and has applied for positions in the new VA hospital in Vegas(that will be opening). The positions he applied for pay more than what he is being paid for in Long Beach. If he gets accepted, we will be moving.

The reason for this is because of the lower cost of living in Vegas. We want to purchase our first house but So Cal is too expensive. I will need to work 2 jobs for the rest of my life for a house here. A house in So Cal means paying at least $2000/month in mortgage/property taxes. In Vegas, we can put $70k in down payment for a decent house in a good neighborhood and our monthly mortgage/property taxes will be much smaller.

Any inputs on this? I'm still so confused because people keep saying the job market in Vegas is very bad. I don't know if this includes health care too.

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I moved from Southern CA to Las Vegas a little over a year ago for lower cost of living and overall lower stress. I have been quite pleased with my decision. I have been able to buy a nice home, save money, spend more time with my family, continue my education and have met some nice people from all over the world.

I work as an LPN and have recently bridged to RN. I live and travel between NV and NC and I am watching LPN and RN job markets throughout the country. I think the nursing/healthcare market in Las Vegas is in better shape than media reports.

As an experienced nurse, you will have many work options. There are several hospice companies, Nathan Adelson, Creekside, Solari(and others)...with good reputation and respect in the industry...some have inpatient facilities(no driving around).

There are several staffing agencies, PHS, NurseCore, Maxim, 3D Medical(and many more)...where you could work per diem shifts/assignments at local facilities to learn your way around, see what work is available and how things are done, birds eye...

If you are looking for more permanent employment, apply online for state jobs/positions(NEATS). People move in and out of NV frequently and there always seem to be vacancies(nursing and non nursing). There is a state operated VA facility, NV State Veterans Home, that is recruiting and the new VA Medical Center, that you referred to, will be opening soon. Best Wishes to You: )

MusicNurseCarrlee, thanks for your response.

Is the rate of RNs in Vegas lower than in CA? I'm currently being paid $35/hr for my full time job with 2 yrs experience in hospice plus mileage (although i know some companies pay more).

I have also heard nursing in Vegas is harder (more patient load in hospitals, board of nursing is stricter). How true is this in your experience?

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I'm thinking of the same thing too. My company would keep me at the same rate to do case management in Vegas...but there's no state taxes, so it'd actually be an increase. California's just too expensive!

Nicki Laughs, I plan to do the same thing but only temporarily. I don't think I can stand driving in 100+ degree weather.

I plan to eventually work in an inpatient hospice facility or even a hospital. I have been told Vegas nnurses get paid lower although I don't know how low.

California is too expensive and has too much nurses already.

I apologize for stepping in on your conversation, but I was wondering if any one knows about travel nursing in Vegas? Or which agencies have the best reputation?

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