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How to increase my Chances for CRNA schools

Hello Everyone, I am interested in becoming a CRNA and would like to know how to increase my chances on getting into a program. Heres my background:1.I'm currently in a 18 month ASN program, I will be finished july 2013. My current GPA is 3.88 (due to a A-)

2. Have a previously bachelors degree in Biology (2.93) : Then i took a few classes after that degree at a community college like Anatomy and phys 1, statistics and human development etc. Got a 3.0

I graduated w/ ,y BA in 2007, so my science classes began in 2002. I took:

Biology (A, B) ,

chemistry 1&2 (C, B) w/labs,

Organic Chemistry 1 and 2 w/ Lab ( A and B)

Anatomy and phys 1 and 2 (C, A) part one had a physical lab, part 2 had a simulated online lab

Physics- hated (B,C) w/labs

Biochemistry (B)

I'm Although most of the science classes were in my undergrad years ago, i'm worried about the C's i've gotten. Everything post undergrad Ive been doing well, maybe bc i'm more focused and older? I'm not sure if any of my science classes will expire by the time i start applying but should i retake any of these?I noticed alot of CRNA programs i looked into require either a BSN or BA in a related science ,so my biology counts.

I did toy with the Idea of doing a 12 month BSN bridge....is this a waste of time? My GPA for my BA wasnt that good, 2.93 to be exact. Maybe doing the BSN will give them another higher GPA to look at besides my ASN and BA?

I have a friend from high school who is a CRNA in a different state who I plan on asking to meet up with and possibly shadow while there. I also found someone in my home state, my cousin's fiance who is a anesthesiologist who i'm waiting to hear back if I can possibly shadow her.

Now as far as the ICU exp. I want to start NOW trying to get my foot in the door on a ICU floor. I have connects to a few ppl through family members, so i plan on meeting up with them. SHould/ could i voluteer in the ICU department? I did some voluteering at a major level 1 trauma center here in ATL a few years ago in the ER, I will call monday about going to to try ICU.

I also plan on running for a position in the Nusing committee at my school. lol Ok i'm rambling but any more advice?

Thanks in advance Everyone!

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I definitely would do the BSN bridge to get your GPA above 3.5. Working in level 1 or 2 trauma center in a CVICU or SICU for a year or 2 is a reqiurement. Also Taking the CCRN exam looks good on your portfolio. The nursing committee is a nice touch but not necessary.

ER experience is not critical care in the eyes of most admission boards. Most anesthesiologists will pass you off the to a CRNA b/c one supervisizes and the other does most of the cases.

Best of luck,


What about instead of the BSN retake the chem and physics and take a grad level patho class? I have a feeling that if I do the BSN i would still have to take additional science classes.


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as you are asking for ways to INCREASE you chances of being accepted, the best thing you should do is speak to the director of any program you are interested in attending.

the standards set forth by the AANA are purely minimal, and your BA GPA needs some improvement. as Skip said prior, you will probably need your BSN (I am ~99.9% certain that you will need it). while you can take grad level courses to demonstrate you can handle the work, it may not replace your grades in your undergrad; again a good discussion for the program director

However, any adult ICU experience will suffice; I know the AANA states "acute care" and that is left up to the admissions committee. There are programs that will consider pediatric experience and other "acute" areas, but adult ICU should have you covered. Certainly, many people have a preference of CVICU being "better" than anything else, but any ICU experience counts and have more than one year helps.

Get your CCRN. Don't forget about the GRE. Focus on shadowing CRNAs. If you want to do committee work, stay involved once you are working; school committees look good, but (again my opinion) work committees demonstrate professional involvement.

you can try to volunteer in an ICU as a way to get you foot in the door for a job, but in my experience, there is little place for volunteers. to get your foot in the door you may consider a nurse assistant/PCT position


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