How do I track my application in CABON?

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I am a foreign nursing graduate.I applied to the CABON 3 months ago, and CABON has received all my documents now. I had graduated from 2 different nursing schools and received 2 different degrees(3-year-nursing diploma and BSN), but in the CABON application form, there was space for writing the name of only one nursing school, I made a call to CABON,and the agent advised me to write the name of the nursing school from where I received degree. I had received degree from both of the schools .I mentioned the name of my nursing school,from which I received a 3-year nursing diploma because I received the nursing lisence in my country with that degree(without my BSN degree). I did not mention the name of my school from which I received a BSN degree,but I requested that school to send my credentials to CABON,and CABON received those documents before receiving my nursing diploma credentials. my question here is:- How can I be sure that they put those documents in my file,since i have not mentioned the name of that school in my form? do I know about the status of my documents?I do not have an SSN. please help.

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Call them, they are the easiest to reach first thing in the morning. That is the only way that you are going to know. You cannot track on their website like you can do on CGFNS.

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