How do I take nursing prerequisites post-BS?



I am a person who has graduated with a degree in Biochemistry and recently decided to pursue nursing. I want to apply for an entry level MSN program, however I do not have all the required prerequisites completed (statistics, anatomy, etc). I'm so confused as to how/where I go about taking these classes. It seems to me that most colleges have you enroll based on a specific degree program. Where can I enroll to simply take these prerecs? I feel so stupid! Thanks in advance.

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Most schools have provisions for such students. I would start by asking the school you hope to attend for nursing. Can you enroll in the pre-req classes at that school? Another option is a local Community College. Once you find out which courses you need, just approach the school and ask them. Even if you have to declare a major as part of your enrollment process, that doesn't mean you have to graduate from that school.

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You would enroll as a 'courses only' or 'non-degree seeking' student. Almost every community college or university has this status for folks just like you.

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Community college is your best bet. Affordable and with good faculty. You won't have access to the upper division nursing classes but you don't need them as you only need your pre-reqs.

Only thing to keep in mind is that as a degree holder already you won't be a high priority student for registration for classes since CCs are focused on helping students with their first degrees. You might have to do more leg work to get into the classes you want. Good luck!


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What TangoDeux said is true about not being a high priority student. Look into Emory's online prereqs through their school of nursing. They're probably not your cheapest option, but I took one and had a great experience. It was so easy to sign up and the faculty was great.