How do I "WOW" them in my interview?

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Hi Everyone,

I have an interview coming up to get into an LPN program. I'm really excited!! It's been a long time since I've been on an interview. So I guess my questions are how do I impress them? Do I need to bring a resume? I've read some of the older threads on the kind of questions that might be asked. Is there anything else I should prepapre for?

Whatever you guys can help me with, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you inadvance.

Ok thank you. I am prepared for that one!!

Hey Guess What?!?!?!?!

I must've really "WOW'd" them in my interview.......I GOT ACCEPTED!! Thank you all for your advice and well wishes!!!

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:yeah:Congratulations on your acceptance. I am so happy for you. Remember how i originally posted about having an interview as well? I followed everyone advice on this thread and well I completed the interview a couple weeks later and found out this week that I was accepted. I am so excited and I am sure you are too. (GO US, GO US lol) good luck and keep us posted on your achievements in LPN school.:yeah:

Good job on your acceptance! :yeah::yeah::yeah::yeah: You really WOW them... Good luck on your new journey:nurse:

aelse -

Thank you. I am looking forward to this journey!

carboses77 -

Thank you. Whoo Hoooooo!!! Congratulations on your acceptance as well!! :up:

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