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How I passed with 75 questions (KAPLAN)

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So I took the NCLEX-RN this past Monday (7/7) and finished in less than an hour with 75 questions. I did the PVT as soon as I sat in my car (and 7 more times throughout the day) and got the good pop-up. I received my license number 24 hours later! RN official!!

quick background: graduated with an ASN this past May, was an LPN but went straight back to school after getting my PN license and never worked as one.

I didn't really get into hardcore study mode until the last week of May. I ONLY utilized Kaplan. I did use the NCLEX study guide that is circulating around here (and it REALLY helped me remember a few things come test day).

I attended a 4 day Kaplan review class in March. Our school sprung Kaplan on us suddenly and for some reason thought it was ok to take the review class more than a month before graduating?

how I studied:

-watched ALL Kaplan content videos

-read the Kaplan content review guide cover to cover once

-did all Qbank questions & remediated all right/wrong answers

-did all Qtrainers & remediated the same

-the 4 sample tests & remediated the same

-did my "incorrect only" questions from qbank (around 420) & kept remediating

day before the exam:

-read all my little notes from remediating

-read the NCLEX study guide from this site a few times

morning of the exam:

-made sure I knew all my lab values, drug ranges, ABG's, little annoying things, etc.

Here were my Kaplan scores for reference:

Diagnostic - 59.4%

Readiness - 71.1%

Predictor - 82.7%

Qbank cumulative performance - 60.0%

QT1- 65.3%

QT2- 54.7%

QT3- 56.0%

QT4- 64.0%

QT5- 75.3%

QT6- 76.5%

QT7- 77.7%

SAMPLE TEST 1- 60.0%

SAMPLE TEST 2- 68.0%



I just want to wish GOOD LUCK to anyone taking the exam soon. Study HARD! I put in 5-8h/day, and 12+h towards the last 2 weeks. Try to relax during the exam and if you're anything like me...TRY to take your time and not rush through it like I did.

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Kathrene,RN has 2 years experience and specializes in OR Nurse.

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CONGRATULATIONS! :) I hope I can study and focus like you. Having a hard time studying. Hoping for the Best for me :)

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CONGRATSS:up:!! Sooooo happy for you. Thank you so much for your study plan, I am taking mine end of this Month (07/30). Please pray for me. I'm really nervous. Thank you!!

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