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How do I get started?

by PinkLemonaide1 PinkLemonaide1 (New) New

I really need some advice on nursing programs, what I need to do first, entrance exams, everything! I graduated highschool in 2005, since no one in my family has been to college, I fell into their tracks without proper guidance. I would like to eventually become an RN, but for now, what do I need to do? I have no idea how all this works. Please help!

The first thing you do is find a nursing school in your community and find out what their admission requirements are.

Then come back and ask more questions.


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Good luck!

I agree, the best thing to do is to talk to the Nursing School directly. There typically is a placement test to see where you place in Math and English. Then there are pre-req courses you'll need to take like sciences, etc. Every school is a bit different in their requirements.

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