How do I get an MSN specializing in informatics?

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I want to obtain an MSN or MS in informatics.

I live in rural Iowa and need programs offered via the internet. Can anyone help?

Also, not sure if I should get MSN with emphasis in informatics OR MS in Information/Health Technology. Again, any suggetions?



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Wichita (KS) State University has a MSN with an Informatics tract/emphasis. You can search for Wichita State University and follow links to the school of nursing.

Also consider order a book from that describes all of the Master's programs in the US and it will tell you about informatics.

Good luck



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Check out for more information on MSNIS degrees. Whether to get a technical or nursing degree depends on what side of the fence you want to live on. On the nursing side, you work as a nurse helping hospitals select, install, train, project managed for information systems. For vendors, you develop training materials, do training, provide clinical expertise where needed, do installation, sales, and do system support. On the technical side, you work as a engineer/programmer in IT/R&D designing, programming, developing, installing information systems, for a hospital or vendor. Nursing salaries are significantly lower than technical salaries. If you want to stay closer to nursing, get the nursing degree. If you want to stay more technical, get the technical degree. Pick carefully, as it has a major impact on what you can/cannot do. I'm a nurse with a computer science degree doing R&D healthcare system development for a well-known vendor.

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There are several schools that offer on line certification and or MS degrees in either Nursing Informatic, Informatics or Health care Informatic. The degree concentration will depend on your future goals.

FYI Regents MSN in Health Informatics is not yet NLN accredited.

Here are other on-line programs:

University of Colorado

University of Arizona

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