How do I get a hospital to petition my visa ?


Hey all, I have a question. I am looking for a hospital here in chicago to petition me.I have contacted several hospitals, who where all very sorry,but don't sponsor or petition visa for registered nurses.How do I proceed?Can somebody help?

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At the moment you are going to find it hard to find any facility that is willing to start the process as they do not know when the retrogression will end. And they do not want to have to wait for the nurse, or pay when they have no idea.

This is happening all over the country, not just in Chicago. And more so since the Schedule A was pulled from the visa bulletins.

And even more so if you are in the US as the process cannot even be started other than the I-140. That will not let you work or anything else. The other two petitions are currently on hold. You would find it easier if you were out of the US as the Consular Processing is going on, up until the medical exam and the interview with the US Embassy.

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Plus the nursng shortage is not as acute in that state as in others. After retrogression, your best bets are in states that are extremely short of nurses.


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Which are the states with Acute nurse shortages?

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The origianl poster was asking about finding a petitioner when she is already in the US. At the moment the Adjustment of Status process is in hold for those that are in the US due to immigration issues. There are no visas currently available for nurses, so no is going to start the process. Only the I-140 can be submitted, nothing more.

Most states have some need, some in specific areas over others. CA is hiring, but not in the Bay Area in hospitals; NY not in a hospital anywhere in the state. Where you go to should be dependent on your needs first, you should be selecting where you wish to work.

Have you actually completed any of the exams? If not, you would need to go that route first. No facility or agency can do anything until you have passed either the NCLEX-RN exam or the CGFNS exam, and most prefer the NCLEX.

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