How do I find a clinic/primary care job?


Hi everyone, I’m in LTC but I’ve been looking for primary care/clinic nurse job for awhile with no luck. On job searches I’m just getting a lot of Home health, hospitals, dialysis, LTC.. but I barely see any primary care or specialties like cardiology office or pulmonologist office etc RN jobs if I do they are really far away and not many. I live in Delaware I know it’s a small state but there are plenty of primary care offices. I don’t understand why I can’t find them. If you are in primary care how did you find your job? Any tips on how to look for one? Thank you!

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There aren't many RN's working in primary care simply because clinics hire CMA's to work with the providers, or LVN's, depending on how big their staffing may be.


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I looked at the career sites for major hospitals in my area, and found my job listing there for one of the hospital's primary care clinics.

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There aren't many so you will have to really hunt for them. I am the only RN in my clinic and was 1 of 2 RNs at my previous clinic (the other RN had been there for 20 years).

Keep in mind that because there aren't many jobs they tend to be competitive so management can be picky with applications. I do the peer to peer interviews for our sister clinics when they have a RN opening and many managers are very particular about what they want (no new grads, previous clinic or acute care experience, previous charge nurse experience, etc). With that said, make sure your resume and cover letter is spell checked and professional. I've seen them skip over application due to poorly written resumes.

I found my current position by going to the company website and applying directly to the job posting, not by going through Indeed or any of the other job search websites. Go to the bigger hospital organizations websites near you and see if they own any outpatient clinics and start applying to job openings that way.


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Hi! Have you considered looking on The Veterans Affairs, VA, offers RN positions of Care Manager within a primary care team. They call them PACT (patient aligned care teams). The government application can be a bear , but depending on the location and whoever else applies, they take anywhere from new graduates all the way up to someone with their Ph.D. Your salary is determined by what you have done previously. I haven't looked up the VA clinics in Delaware, but I hope there's one near you. A lot of your job satisfaction is determined by the team you're working with. The patients are awesome! Good luck!

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I work in primary care and It’s an outpatient clinic inside a hospital. I found my job just by constantly checking my companies career website every day if not more and reaching out to the nurse recruiters at the hospital. Look at doctors office too that’s primary Care too. I used indeed and LinkedIn and company websites. Good luck !