How do I become a FNP/CNM or WHNP/CNM?

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Hopefully, someone can help me with this situation :). I want to get my DNP in either FNP/CNM or WHNP/CNM. Well the end goal is to have my DNP with the specialties of FNP/CNM or WHNP/CNM. The issue I have is a lot of the programs I researched are asking for an overall GPA of 3.0. For my GPA my cumulative GPA across all classes is 2.7. This GPA is the sum of my bachelor's in psychology, attending 2 nursing schools and some other classes in different colleges. While doing this research, I've noticed that I might have to pursue a masters degree in either of specialties then pursue my doctorate in another specialty. Which will require more time than expected. I would love advice as to how to go about this in the smartest way as possible along with which one is best FNP/CNM or WHNP/CNM.

Thank you in advance! 

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Hello Laura,

What a great start to digging deeper in learning about obtaining your NP. If you need some good resources on good NP schools, AllNurses has some good resources:

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11 Best Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) Programs in 2024 - Nursing Degree Programs ( for FNP.

Best of Luck!


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