How does your hospital handle employee absences with a sick child?


I'm doing some research for my hospital's shared governance council related to work-life balance and wanted to get feedback on how other hospitals assist employees with children. Any help is appreciated!

1. Are absences due to a child's absence considered excused? If so, what is required to excuse the absence (ex. Doctor's note, they take your word for it, etc).

2. A hospital I used to work at had a Sick Bay program that you could bring a sick child to so that you could work. Pedi nurses would care for your child while you worked. Do any of your hospitals have something similar?

3. Are there other ways that your hospital supports employees with children? 


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1. It is "excused" but it still counts as an "occurrence"

2. I used to work at a hospital that had this and it was a nice option

3. Yes, those of us without children absorb the duties of the absent staff member without getting paid extra for doing the job of 2 or more nurses.

I'm a little chippy about this as the call offs are becoming an issue. Yesterday we had 3 and I had to cover the duties of all 3 of the absent nurses. 

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How does an employer even know if you're calling out due to a sick child?  Are employees required to give explanations for callouts?  

I've never worked anywhere with a sick bay like that but it's an amazing idea!