How Hard Is the GRE?


I just figured out i could apply to a program that requires the GRE, so i signed up to take it, but unfortunately the only test date that doesn't conflict with work and school is this coming saturday! i am at work full time (attorney) until then. how hard is this test? i haven't taken a math class since high school...

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Take the free practice test offered on the GRE website to get a feel for it.

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Ideally you'd want a month or so to prepare for it for a high score, however if you only have week try for it and see how you do. I didn't study hardly at all my first time and did ok. Ultimately I wanted a higher score and retook the exam a couple years later with some actual study time, but I did get a passing score with out it. If I recall correctly the verbal sections are pretty similar to the LSAT but easier - if you're currently working as an attorney this section should be manageable for you. Just do a few practice questions to learn how the GRE phrases things. (Lots of free sources online). If you haven't done any math in a while I'd recommend focusing on that. Particularly algebra, geometry, and basic math. Khan academy has some really good resources. I also used materials from Magoosh (they've got a lot of good tips for the math section). They have a free 7-day trial you might want to check out.