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I'm working on my pre-reqs and co-reqs at Wayne County Community College in Detroit. I am currently in my third semester and doing very well so far. I'm in my 40's, work full time and I'm single. I was told that it's impossible to work once you enter the nursing program so I'm not sure what to do. I work in an office and already knew I would likely have to change jobs so I could have a flexible work schedule but if its really impossible to work I don't know what to do. I was wondering what other people do so any advice or suggestions are very much appreciated. Thank you.

You can work part time hours. Is that an option for you? I mean, financially..

I've heard that too. I plan to just see for myself how things are once I'm in the program but I do have a husband to fall back on. Maybe you could try to see how much you can put away into savings right now and then possibly work prn as an aide during school? I'm sort of planning to do that since every little bit helps. Good luck and congrats on doing well so far!:)

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Ya know, it's really an individual thing. If working while in school is what you have to do, you'll figure it out. I dealt with a lot of crap when I was married to my ex. Had to work a ton because he wouldn't. I worked full time through emt school while working on nursing pre reqs. I worked full time through paramedic school doing an average of 48-60 hours a week. And I'll be working through nursing school. I can't afford not to. Your support system is vital and if your family is supportive I think you'll be fine. It sounds like you have the drive to get it done.

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I would think that if you're older (like me) and single (unlike me), you could work. But, why not give it a try and then, drop down in hours if it's getting tough.

I've since talked to other people that have worked. It's probably up to each person. I will have to leave the job I have now because it's during the day but I want to be a nurse to bad to quit so I will make it work. Thanks for the replies!

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