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Concentrate on getting your BSN, then work exeprience in an ICU. There is nothing else to prepare for at this point.

Your job choice may change after you go thru your training, do not focus on just doing one thing when you finish. Many change their minds. You are talking of another five to six years at least................many things can change in that time.

Good luck with your choice of becoming a nurse, concentrate on that first. :)


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I am a pre-nursing student. I recently came to the conclusion that I want to become a CRNA. I was hoping some posters could tell me some good classes to take that will help me get into and prep me for CRNA school. I am at the very beginning of this journey. I have only taken Psychology and Chemistry. I have some idea of what i might be getting into as I have undergone 3 years of chemotherapy due to cancer, so i know Nursing in general is for me. I took a break for a year while having my first child and have been going to college for Massage Therapy. I plan on resuming my pre-recs in January. My plan is to go for my Associates, RN to BSN, and then CRNA college. Any ideas or advice? Any stories of paths taken? Thanks!

I am currently a student in an lpn program in Louisiana and am also interested in becoming a CRNA. I am not sure if it is the same in Cal. as La. but you must have a years experience in CCU before your app. will be considered here. GOOOD LUCK :)


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thanks for your comments.... :)

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CRNA is an advanced practice RN program. Almost all of the programs require a Bachelor's degree first, with preference being a BSN. Also at least one year of critical care experience, most are now needing two years before they are accepted.

If you are just beginning your program now, you are looking at about another six years before you would even be ready for that program and that is another two years.

That is why I keep saying that quite a few things can change during that time. :)

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