How to get into Periop Nursing


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Most large hospital systems offer peri-op training programs, basically paid on the job training. Mine was 6 months, during which time we did the AORN peri-op 101 program and learned the ins and outs of surgery before spending the last 4-ish months in the ORs putting what we learned to work. Getting into surgery is a HUGE change and there is definitely a lot to learn.

Research larger hospital systems in your area and keep an eye out on their job websites. Most only offer the program once or twice a year because it's a lot of work. You may also consider contact the HR rep listed for experienced OR positions and ask if their facility offers a training program and if so, how often.

Anyone here from Philly area and knows any oth. Periop class than those offered by Holy Family University or Delaware CCC..?

Dean of nursing school at Holy F. says everyone who took it got position in OR. Hard to believe, maybe just a marketing.

What are chances for finding OR position w/ either of those courses..? Btw. am RN, Bsn w/ almost 1 yr. of exp., mostly as sub in schools and recently in home care. Did not have anyone as connection to get to a single interview to a hospital, so no med- surg. exp. whatsoever.

I'm askin this b/c do not wanna waste my money on another course that won't increase my chances or land me a job at OR...

So does anyone knows smn. who entered Or by that Periop class per se? Told my OR educator at Presby that it's better to take DCCC class because more clin. hs- 90, but then I have some serious questions on credentialing of that program (they have certificate program , w/ 2 more classes for 1st assistant so for experienced Or nurses) and why would I go w/ Comm. Clg. vs. Holy Family, a University w/ nursing program.