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How to get into palliative care consulting within a hospital

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I am currently in ICU. I really think I would be interested in the role of the nurse who comes in and does our end of life consulting. I'm not on days right now and so I haven't been able to talk with our nurse about education, certs, etc.

So I was curious if anyone knows (in CA) what you need to carry out this professional role. I don't think you need a masters but I could be wrong. thanks.

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tewdles has 31 years experience as a RN and specializes in PICU, NICU, L&D, Public Health, Hospice.

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You need expertise in palliation of symptoms.

The palliative certifications are generally recommended after practice in the area for 2000 hours or so.

Many palliative programs use APNs for inpatient rounding but not all.

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