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How to get a labor and delivery job


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I am a recent new grad (may 2014). Have 3 months experience in a snf and now I'm currently working in a rehab hospital which is really great!! Operates very similar to a med surg floor. However, I have been really wanting to get into OB/L&D. Soooo...how do I move up the ladder and get into this field? Is there a way to precept or shadow a nurse on an ob floor? I know it's a very saturated area but it is my dream!!! Any suggestions would be great! Thank you!

I got lucky-I did my practicum in L&D and got hired on the same unit because my preceptor fought for me to get the job, so not sure if I can be much help.

Part of this depends on what part of the country you are in. In the east, I have heard that the methods used by my classmates and I apparently do not work well. I'm in the west and every one of my classmates that got hired in a hospital walked their resume into the NM and expressed in person their desire to work there. I did that (at my preceptor's suggestion) after the online application I submitted went directly into the trash before a human ever saw it. I don't know if this method would have landed me an L&D job had my preceptor not fought for me, most of the nurses on my floor started in med surg or icu at this facility and got moved when there was an opening, but if it doesn't get you into L&D right away, being on staff at the hospital would give you more of a chance next time there is an L&D opening.

Best of luck!


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Does your hospital have a postpartum wing that's separate from the L&D? That's where I was hired as a new grad and it seems like it's probably the easiest way to get into L&D/nursery here. My floor actually has peds and med/surg overflow so I'm getting a good mix of patients. I've built up relationships with a lot of the nurses on the other side of my floor so I believe that would help me if I wanted to move over there.


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Have you started working toward your certs? ACLS, NRP, AWHONN FHM, and maybe STABLE, along with any lactation training can really help.

Any chance you can get in touch with a manager? I had an informational interview with one after I e-mailed her, and she had me do a job shadow. They are doing a Versant program, to which I have just applied, and I'm waiting to hear back if I get an interview (the holiday, of course, put everything on a standstill). I'm hoping that my chances are good.

are there any nurse residency programs offering OB positions near you? that's how I got my current job as a new grad on a postpartum unit. best of luck!