How to get interim permit in WA?

U.S.A. Washington


I've looked on the BON website and I can't find information about IP. I will be coming from a different state so I am wondering if that may be a problem. I've already found the info about applying for a license but I understand that may take a while because of waiting for the NCLEX and I'd like to start working before then. Any input is appreciated!

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You may want to call and ask, but our new grads don't get IPs, as far as I know. They don't work until they're licensed as a RN after they pass NCLEX-RN.

That's too bad :( thank you though! I guess I'll just have a few months of downtime then.

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I will say that when I moved here from NV to WA, I had my license pretty quickly. Assuming they process your completed application in a timely manner, you ought to have your ATT in no time, and you can schedule your exam and get to work.

I got mine by endorsement, though, since I was already a licensed RN when I moved here. Good luck!

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