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How to get a foot in the door

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Hi all,

I am a new nurse. I took NCLEX not long ago and got it in 75. I have been in healthcare for 26 years. I was certified as a CNA in 1989, I became an RT(CT,MRI) in 08'. Now, I'm an RN with license. I have applied to over 294 jobs and haven't even gotten a bite. 1 interview and a no thank you email. I do have a history of sorts as I did get a DUI in 1998. Since then, I have nothing. Not even so much as a late library fee. I am 44 years old. What I am starting to think here is the tri fecta of, Age, Prior history, new nurse. Can anyone out there advise me or share what they have or have been going through? As a new nurse, I am starting to think I made a huge mistake getting this degree and license.

It depends on little on your geographic area. Quite of few markets are saturated with new grads. You could check the board for you state. If you're in such an area, there are probably quite a few posts by others in the same boat as you. You might also want to post an inquiry there to get some specific advise about your area. If you are in a saturated area, your best bet is to move somewhere with a higher need at least to get a few years experience. Job markets are generally more receptive to experienced nurses even if it's not extensive. I realize that may not be possible but I know know personally of people who have gone years without being able to land a first job. If you are an ADN nurse, you definitely want to plan on finishing a BSN soon if you want to be competitive on the job market. In my area (NY Metro), no employer will look at an ADN candidate who isn't at least enrolled in a BSN program. Even then, it's pretty bleak.

I doubt you DUI or age have anything to do with it. Much of the nursing workforce is your age or older and mature individuals are sometimes preferable to a lot of 20-something newbies. Also, a DUI, especially one long ago, is not likely to be a major issue for employers. Background checks are more likely looking for things like abuse, fraud, drug issues, or patterns of criminal activity. Best of luck to you, I really feel for you and how demoralizing this experience can be.

Where do you live? Do you not have any connections from your previous jobs as an RT, and CT/MRI tech?

I'm in Pittsburgh, PA. And I thought as you did that some connections might have been helpful from previous jobs. That has not been the case at all. I thought of moving but that as well, is not an option at this time. Due to family and financial issues. At least I was able to put my student loans on hold for a little while longer yesterday. There is NO way I could afford those payments at this time. I am facing financial ruin at this point. Just so disgusted.

Ty for your kind words. Believe it or not, they do help.

Have you recently had another person go over your resume and cover letter? There could be an error you are not seeing which is hindering you in getting that initial interview.