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How to get my foot in the door?


I am currently doing my prereqs so I can get into nursing school by jan. I work in a retirement home doing activists but my passion is children. How can I work at a place doing peds with no nursing background d yet? Also, I been reading on working full time and going to nursing school and people have said it doesn't work. I have no parents to support me so is there a way to still have my bills paid with no job? I heard student loans help with that. Any advice would be great


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there are plenty of part-time jobs you can get that can help you pay bills while in nursing school. many jobs within hospitals are part-time or as-needed, and many of them pay relatively well. i worked as a unit secretary while in school, and it allowed me to get an RN job right when i finished. my job during school was extremely flexible and i was able to work various shifts, between 20 and 40 hours a week throughout my entire nursing program, depending on how busy my school schedule was that week. like, if it was winter break, i was able to pick up extra shifts to make some more money, and if i was extremely busy with finals, i could cut back on my shifts. there's plenty of jobs out there that are similar if you look hard enough. many of my classmates were in similar situations.

Okay! Thanks. I thought about part time just nervous I won't make enough to pay my bills. Just like everyone else in the world haha.

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Any experience you can get working with children will help you... I substitute taught and worked at summer camps. Once you've done some clinicals, you can apply to be an aide on a pediatric floor which will give you an in.


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I worked as a tech in the stepdown and MICU/SICU units at an adult hospital. Peds critical care is what i wanted though so i applied and got in as a new grad. The experience you will recieve at any LARGE hospital, no matter what specialty, will help you be a better nurse. Nothing can prepare you for your patient coding like, being involved in other codes (just as an example) (and yes PICU is different than MICU, but i feel i am much better prepared with that experience i got as a tech). All the little experiences add up to help your patient care quality.

Thanks everyone for the input. I am having major problems at work and u have to work within riverside for 6 months before you can transfer. I am in my 6 months but I know my boss will block my transfer. So all this information is very helpful. I have sentara to look at for a hospital and Bon secures. Would a children's dr office work?