How to get an att after eligibility and how long?



I got my Eligibility notice dated last January 2010 and will expire on January 2012. How can I get my ATT? I have not received it yet. Do I have to apply for it or need any registration? I am now working abroad but I am planning to take the exam in MANILA, PHILIPPINES on my vacation leave April next year but the eligibility will expire on January next year also. I only have 5months left, after getting this ATT, this means I do still have one year allowance or time to take the exam like on my vacation leave on April 2012?

Please enlighten me, I am very confuse now. I heard that it's hard to apply now especially they require SSN to get eligibility so I don't want it be forfeited. Thanks!

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ATT is issued by Pearsonvue once you apply to them, paid fees and they have confirmed with the BON you can sit NCLEX. ATT once issued by Pearsonvue is usually only valid for 90 days although it may vary from state to state