How to get an A in Advanced A&P ?


Okay, I am taking Advanced A&P in the Fall. Please give me all the advice you can so I can pull out an A.

Also, how does it compare with Micro or other sciences as far as "toughness"? Thanks. :redpinkhe

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What is 'advanced' A&P? Do you mean it is A&P 1 and 2 in one semester?

I think it has a lot to do with the teacher. Microbiology was easier for me and that is saying something since I was only one out of 2-3 people to get an A in the class.


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I think you just need to use all the resources, not just textbook and lecture. I downloaded MP3 tutor sessions from the online resources that came with the textbook, and also watched the online animation (for things like muscle contraction). I did all the review questions the teacher gave us, even though they were not handed in. Lastly, I recorded myself reading and explaining my note aloud and then I listened to my notes on the car stereo when I had places to be. I even did this in a popquiz style with anatomy terms. ("This is the bone of the later forearm....? -pause- It's the radius. the distal end of the radius has the following structures...") You get the idea. I got an A, and I felt like I "got" the material pretty well. Good luck!