How was your first day/week of nursing school?

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Hello to all. I start my program on the 27th and I was curious to know how is it going so far for those who have started before me?

I started on the 15th. So far, it's SO much harder than any class that I have taken. But, even though it's hard as heck, I'm LOVING it!

Just to help prepare you, it's going to be a huge shock for you most likely. I remember the first night, we were shocked at how much information that we were given, and had to review, on the first day. Now granted it was most likely because my group had lab the next day. I thought that the second years were joking when they said to use a new binder for each section. Ohhhh how they were right! Lol We have our first test on Monday, and we have had 7 chapters and 11 Power Points. That's not including the notes. I don't know how difficult other schools are compared to mine. Mine must be fairly decent because they have a 90% pass rate for first time NCLEX takers. So I'll take the difficulty for those stats!

Don't let what I, or anyone else, have told you scare you. Not everyone's experience is the same. Just understand that it's gonna be tough. Tougher than the classes you have taken so far. But, if you enjoy like I do, and you find everything that you cover exciting, you'll do just fine!

My first week has been crazy busy but fun at the same time. I spent 7 hours reading my first night! Stock up on highlighters!

Dress nicely to the first day. It will make u feel more confident. Put ur syllabus and schedule in clear sleeves bc u will be thumbing thru them a lot! Teachers aren't so bad. Give them respect and u will receive the same.

Good luck to u!

Oh my word.. my first week of NS... it's alot of work (I mean alot) and studying...I was so overwhelmed of how much we had to do the first week. we had our first check off this week. It's no sit in the park. Our first test is on Wednesday and that will cover six chapters. Its really hard. NS is like no other class I've taken before. One thing I will say is that my teachers are amazing.

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I started on the 20th and I must say I am a bit overwhelmed. The first day I felt confident because it was a Success Seminar and it was an opportunity to meet our instructors, other classmates, and different members of the library, tutor center, and advisors. The second day, I left theory class with a severe headache. I wasn't the only one. On day 3, we got so clarity on how class was going to work and things made sense a little more. I was beginning to learn that ORGANIZATION is the key. I would suggest buying color coded binders, folders, sticky tabs, or whatever it is you think you will need to stay organized. It is so much info thrown at you at once. Oh and get a calander, but keep in mind be flezible because things will! Day 4, was our lab day. Lab was a little more laid back than theory, but I am a hands-on person. Day 5, was another Lab day. I would also suggest finding some classmates that you will be able to get along with and form a study group. I think once I get the key of the organization skill and overcoming being a confessed procrastinator, I will be fime. Another piece of advice, remember you classmates are in this with you too, learn to lean on them for support. Good Luck to you! We are all in for a heck of a ride... but the destination will be sweet!

I started my first clinical semester on the 20th. We go in the summer but that was just Pharm and Intro to Nursing. This past week has been a little crazy but not too bad. I've learned how to skim over my readings which has helped a lot! There is no way I could read what was assigned in one night!!! We've taken a TON of usual and we just finished doing our check offs for head to toe assessments. Next week we have our first clinical. I'm nervous and excited at the same time!

My first week was crazy and awesome. I had so much fun, but after the first two days my brain was in tilt mode. An overload of new information! It's gonna be a great two years!

First week was great! Somewhere around 20 chapters of material was assigned to be read between pharm, funadamentals and clinical calc. But I made it! Definitely get organized right away! I came home after every day and organized my binder and filled out my planner. Things are so fast paced that if you don't do it right away you will probably get behind and stay behind!

Also, the reading was intense because it was assigned with such short notice...however the remaining weeks are already assigned out, so I am going to read several chapters every weekend from here on out! That way I don't have many more of the reading marathons that I had this week!

I second the headache...had at least 3 this week and I know others did as well! Lots of reading, carrying heavy stuff, feeling stressed and looking down at books lol! So stock up on ibuprophen! The game doesn't stop for a headache!

Otherwise, it was good....almost a little too good. Waiting for the shoe to drop, probably the first test day :)

It just doesn't seem that hard right now (lots of material, but common sense stuff really)

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