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How to find a good hospital, just in case

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Hi All-

My mom (77yo), retired recently and has moved into town (Denver, CO). She has a few health problems, chronic hypertension, pulmonary hypertension and possibly an ascending aortic aneurysm (another cardiologist will read her contrast CT next week).

My question(s):

What is the best way to objectively "rate" a hospital/new doc for her?

How to find "the best" hospital/doc for certain specialties?

Are there any "gold standards" for safety etc.?

Are there governing bodies that oversee safety standards?

She has been evaluated by some new docs we really like (cardiologist, pulmonary specialist) and are debating the pros/cons of private vs. university hospital systems (continuum of care if she needs to be hospitalized).

Any "insider" advice about how to research these issues would be appreciated.

PS I'm starting a BSN program Jan of 08 and am freaking out!!!

Thanks for your help, Lisa

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University hospital systems are great if you need highest level of care, otherwise I like the smaller hospitals. The best way to find out about a hospital is to ask the public.....when you go shopping ask the clerk "I just moved here, can you tell me which hospital you would go to if you were ill?"

If she likes her docs, go with the hospitals they have privileges at. Call the county or state med association to see if a particular doc has had any actions taken against him/her.

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Second that, on the teaching hospital.

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