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How to find education for a specialty

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I really need HELP. I am a RN with 20 years of LTC experience. Some exp. in other areas along the way, but NO HOSPITAL EXPerience. I need to get out of LTC. How can I learn a specialty? ANYTHING, ER, L&D, MED SURG. Hospitals don't train old nurses around here they want EXP. So are there any online certificate classes I can take? :idea:Sunny

ERRNTraveler, RN

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You can take ACLS & PALS- this will make you more marketable.

Strange, hospitals are taking new grads into specialty areas. How could somebody with 20 years of experience not have a chance at making a transition to the "hospital" environment?

Find out what positions are open and apply. What are they going to tell you...no? I suspect many places like experienced RN's; however, hospitals are hurting for nurses and you will find that many places do not strictly follow this "rule."

ERRNTraveler, RN

Specializes in Peds, ER/Trauma.

I agree- if a hospital is willing to hire a new grad with NO experience, they should be willing to hire you- even if you don't have hospital experience, you still have more experience than a new grad....


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complete continuing education courses in area of interest.

nursing spectrum has database of refresher courses for 40 states:

visit nursing spectrum's new refresher course database.

contact local area nursing programs to see if they have career transtion program, refresher course or job coaching available.

look at your states department of health for job openings.

pa: department of health career opportunities!

check out nursing publications in your area to csee job listings and attend career fair:

nursing spectrum and nurseweek

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advance for lpns

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