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How do you feel about taking A&P 1&2 in the Spring and Summer Semester?

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Hello Everyone,

Have anyone taken A&P1 OR 2 OR Both in the summer or spring semester? If so how was it ? Did you find it challenging ? Is it doable ? I know it may not be recommendable lol but I am trying to get all of my required pre-requisites out of the way this year so I can apply to nursing school by the next winter deadline and I heard people say it is best to take alone A&P.

I am currently a pre-nursing student at Henry Ford Community College in Michigan. I am thinking about taking A&P 1 in the spring semester, and taking A&P 2 in the summer semester. At HFCC they have four semesters Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall; Spring and Summer semesters is 7.5 weeks. A&P will be my only class in those semesters. I'm thinking about taking microbiology, psychology, and possibly English 2 or Math in the fall. I plan on applying to about 3 nursing schools when I am finished. So I can hopefully start actual nursing school in fall of 2018. I am a currently a stay at home mom. I have two small children 3&5 years old.

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I did both in 2 shortened summer periods while working and it was fine. I think it is more important to consider though what your free time will be like as a Mom, it's important to study a TON for these science classes to do well. Only you can assess your free time and study habits to determine the risk. The thing with summer classes is that you have to study pretty much every night to do well. That being said though...I really loved doing A&P I &II in shortened sessions. It was a lot of material, but it stuck better with me than learning it over a whole semester.

I did A&P 1 in the summer and A&P 2 in the fall. My summer course was only 5 weeks, it was very intense but it's definitely doable. Goodluck

It's do-able. Just make sure you stay on top of it, since it's very fast paced.

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I took A&P 1 and lifespan psych in the summer (6 weeks). It was very tough and I didn't even work at the time. Unless you have absolute confidence in your academic capability and the time, I would try to take only one course. A&P and other science courses are the ones that you really want to As. When I took the A&P summer course, at least 50% failed out and large majority of remaining were getting low Bs and Cs. Be very thoughtful about taking pre-reqs, they could make or break your chances of nursing school.

I did it in summer over five weeks. It was a little harried but doable.