How far is too far for pre-reqs?

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I'm down by NCC but am registered for pre-reqs at NVCC. Looks like it will take me a good 52 minutes to get to NVCC from where I am, but that's the only place offering chemistry that works with my schedule. Crazy or doable?

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Plenty of people commute that far for school or work on a daily basis.

Do it, try to take a 1 day per week class if you can instead of the one that meets twice per week. I lived ~30 minutes away so that's what I did and it wasn't too bad.

It's not too far. Not ideal, but not crazy. You do what you need to do. I took a prerequisite bio class at NCC, even though I live near NVCC. Yes, it was nearly an hour each way without traffic. But it's what I needed to do to stay on track and take A&P 1 in the fall.

AND, I decided on this career shift after my husband and I booked a two-week vacation on Cape Cod for our family. My professor allowed one "skip" without penalty, so I took advantage of missing that one class during the trip. But guess who made the 4-hour each way commute from Cape Cod three times in two weeks? This nurse!

It sucked at the time, but it was worth it. Just keep your eyes on the prize (and try to schedule it at a time when traffic won't be terrible).

Thx!! I am taking a 1 day class and it happens to meet on Sunday mornings - so here's to hopefully no traffic and a nice quiet ride there and back!

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