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Ok so here is my dilema. I live about 2 hours from major city. How many of you drive to your assignment. Would it be worth it take an assignment and drive there if the days could be put together. I just don't know how worth it it would be. I could get the housing and then stay there when I work and let it be empty the rest of the time. What do you guys think that are experienced travelers.



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my last two assignments have been about 3 hours from home. i request block scheduling and rent a motel/hotel room for the days that i am there. and drive home

after i am done with a block. i find that i make good money that way and get adequate sleep. i have a corporate lodging card that entitles me to a room rate that is cheaper then standard rates and that helps alot also. i end up paying anywhere from $30 to $40 a nite. that is what works for me. it is all individual.



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Right now I drive 5.5 hours to my assignment, and I would NOT say that this is a good idea. I go for the three days and then drive home for my 4 days off . I typically stay in a hotel, or the dorms that the hospital offers to travelers. But, I the hospital that I work for right now is awesome. It is a balancing act, but this drive is a little insane.

Hope this helps.

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My first assignment, I worked in Balt. My wife wanted to work a while longer at her staff position then we started traveling together.

The hosp. in Balt. gave me Fri, sat, sun 12 hour shifts. I drove out thurs. night, worked three days, rent a cheap room, left sun night back to Pittsburgh.

I loved that. It was beyond fun for me. It worked out great. I'd do it again.

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