How far are you commuting to nursing school?


I'm thinking about applying to a nursing school which is located about 60 miles from home (120 miles round trip). My GPA is not high enough to be accepted in nursing schools in Seattle area and I don't want to repeat taking the same classes, so I have decided to choose less competitive school, such as Bellingham Technical College that has a wait list.

Is anyone commuting the long-distance from home to school? How far? I am aware of gas price but my priority is to finish RN program as soon as possible, and willing to commute long distance.



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I will commute from Bham to Mt Vernon...

If I would be you, I would consider moving to Bham or I would think about renting a room. You can find something for $400. It is going to be cheaper and more convenient then commuting from Seattle almost every day.


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Hi Miss_Piggy

Thanks for your suggestion. However, I cannot relocate because my daughter will start school from this year and we live in a house.

I believe you're going to Skagit Valley College since you mentioned commuting to Mt Vernon. Good luck!


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I travel about 20 minutes each way for school. I've lucked out as our first two clinicals have been only a 7 minute and 2 minute travel time for me, but our next two clinicals will be about 40 - 50 miles from my house. I'm going to carpool with some other students in the program. I'd try to find some other local people to carpool with that go the same way as you for either work or school. You get to use the HOV lane and it cuts back on gas costs.


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I commuted an hour and a half twice per day for about 3 years. The time sucks, but the gas prices are what kill a person now. I got my motorcycle license and started riding. It cut down on the prices and helped me relax. If riding isn't for you, then see about carpooling and check into buses or even posting on craigslist and at your school. A lot of people want to ride share but can't figure out how to start. Another thing I did on my commutes was listen to the lectures again that I recorded. When you're in nursing school, never waste ANY time:)


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Listening a lecture in a car is a great idea! I like it. I should get a voice recorder and bring it to the class when I get in the nursing school.

Carpooling is the another good idea, but I think it's difficult to find a person in my area... though I will keep it in my mind.

Thanks for great suggestions.