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How are the families of COVID nurses experiencing the pandemic?


I wonder what it’s been like for the family members of nurses working with COVID patients. I’ve seen a lot of media coverage around the challenges and experiences of the nurses directly, but what about their family members? I’m sure knowing your son, daughter, mom, sister, etc, is having to face such extreme work conditions must also be very difficult. Especially if you live in the same household, there must be some fear of getting infected too. I also imagine there are positive experiences, like a sense of pride and honor to have a healthcare worker in the family.How are the families of COVID nurses experiencing the pandemic?

I guess I’m curious to know more about this. How do you handle the stress, worry, concern you have for your healthcare worker? I’m sure there must be a mix of thoughts and emotions, but how do you stay strong through it all?

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Just found this thread, and I had to laugh. My boyfriend has been so patient with me and very supportive (I haven't been in a great mood since this whole thing began, LOL), BUT if it wasn't for me complaining about it, he would be so isolated from the pandemic. Luckily our families and friends haven't been ill, and so far I haven't gotten it or brought it home to him, so I think he's utterly indifferent - even thriving on the extra alone time and working from home! Once we got a feel for how the new normal would work and I was honestly able to tell him that I trust the PPE we have, he doesn't seem too concerned.