How were everyone's grades upon acceptance into a nursing program?


Hey everyone,

I just applied to some nursing programs and am a little weary because of my grades. Was wondering how they compare to others?


A+P II - C+ (unfortunately)

Micro- A



and all my other credits (about 30) atleast a B+ and higher.. anyone else get into a program with these kind of grades or worse!? any input would be great thank you!


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The BSN program I'm applying to just had an average GPA of 3.59 for their currently enrolled students. They take into account the pre-req GPA first, and then the overall GPA here. Then they look at your A2 and entrance letter, if you choose to write one.


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Luckily for me the program I was just accepted to only looks at "competitive selection" class grades and their overall GPA. I had a reallyyyyyy low GPA from my first attempt at college at 18 and have just now got it built back up to a 3.0.

Anyways my grades were all A's in A&P 1 & 2, English, Psychology, College Algebra, & Medical Terminology. All my non competitive class grades were A's, mostly B's. Also I had a PAX-RN score of 93.

Grades counted for 40%, PAX-RN score counted 60%. My total was 96.4 out of a 100 and I just got my acceptance letter in September!!!

GOOD LUCK TO YOU!!!!!!! Let us know if you get accepted :)

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I got into a competitive BSN program

AP1- A

AP2- A

Micro- A


Nutrition- A

Chem- B

Lifespan- B

All my general education classes were As, Bs, and 1 C (I had an F but it's not a class in the curriculum so they didn't factor it into my GPA)

My TEAS V was 'Proficient' which is apparently all they need.