How does everyone study for their ATI tests?

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In my school, we take the ATI each semester(pharm, foundations, med/surg, OB, Peds, Psych)...I do really well in lecture. However, on ATI I do very very poorly. I got below Level I in Pharm, Med/surg, psych, and OB...I got a 2 in Foundations and 1 in Peds. When I get below level I, it's always an even 10% below the average, in the 60's or 70's. My school is making a lot of changes and now it's going to count a big piece of my grade for Community and Med/Surg II. But here's the our med/surg class...125 ppl started, 60 made it out. 40 failed and 25 dropped, of the 40 who failed...a good number of them got Level I or II on the ATI...and here I am below Level I but a high B in the class. Some of them laughed and admitted they just guessed, but's killing my pride and soon may kill my grade. The others who actually passed the lecture and knew the material said they thought the ATI wasn't hard. What am I missing? They even said it was similar to the lecture tests as far as application of material. Aside from guessing, what should I honestly do to prepare for the ATI? The lecture tests aren't objective facts, it's that whole application, prioritizing and interventions deal..The books they gave us don't really dumbs down the material and their practice questions are nothing like the real test. The practice test we took was a good representation of it, but the ATI book didn't help a lick for that 60 question practice test...


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Did your school give you codes for practice tests online? They should, its part of the test package. Ask your school for the codes and passwords if they haven't. That stinks that they are going to make them count. Some of thier questions are so old.

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